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Welcome to, a corner for Biological exploration! This website is Authored/ Maintained / Managed by Mr. Z. Akhtar. A passionate and knowledgeable individual, who dedicated their life to the fascinating world of biology. With a strong academic background and a deep love for the subject.

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Z. Akhtar holds a degree in Master of Science in Life Sciences with a Specialization in Biochemistry, Zoology, and Plant Sciences, as well as an MPhil degree in Biological Sciences, where they acquired a solid foundation in the principles and theories of biology.

The mission of this website is to share knowledge and insights with others who share a similar passion for biology or those who are simply curious about the wonders of life. Through this website, aims to provide engaging and informative content that is accessible to people of all backgrounds and levels of expertise. From educational articles to thought-provoking discussions. The goal is to inspire and ignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the incredible world of biology.

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